Hard Cuts Easy - Poor products, poor communications

San Antonio, Texas 1 comment

Bought two products, Hard Cuts Easy and Jupiter Jack, both took months to receive.Got Hard Cuts Easy tile cutter but under another name, Brutus tile cutter, broke apart first time used, sent it back.

Got Jupiter jack, no adaptor for an I phone, ordered one several months ago, not received, called in, representative told me since adaptor is not available, keep the product and give it to a friend, no refund because it was only six dollars.

Very poor service, very poor products.

They send you *** and keep your money.Anything purchased from this company is cheap and customer service is very hard to reach.



This kind of ***....Hard Cuts Easy....should be reviewed by everyone who purchases it. I truly believe the 4/17/2012 post. Where is the consumer protection?

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